NASA's Curiosity Rover Sends Back First Full-Color Panorama Of Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover is really beginning to pay off. Since setting up its high-definition cameras, the Mars rover has been sending back amazing views of the fourth planet. Now, NASA has assembled a high-quality panorama of the Martian surface, and the results are amazing.

If Neil Armstrong Had Been Stranded On The Moon, Richard Nixon Prepared This Speech As Tribute

In honor of Neil Armstrong's passing, take a look at an odd and haunting piece of alternate history: a speech written for President Nixon in the event Armstrong was stranded on the moon. Luckily, Armstrong survived the mission and lived out the rest of his days in peace on Earth. But this letter shows a shocking look at what could have happened if the first man on the moon never came back.

Obama, Romney React To Neil Armstrong's Death

Both Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney expressed sorrow at the news that Neil Armstrong, an American hero, died Saturday. Armstrong had previously criticized Obama for canceling scheduled explorations into space.

Oh Family Switches To Life On Martian Time, Keeping Up With Curiosity Rover

Life has become other-worldly for NASA flight director David Oh?s family, after switching their biological clocks to ?Mars time.? The change is protocol for a cadre of scientists who spend the first three months of every Martian mission living longer days, but it?s unusual for an entire family to jump along.