Curiosity Mars Rover Landing Preview: 'Seven Minutes Of Terror' In Space

NASA will be streaming coverage of the Curiosity rover landing online starting at 11:30pm Eastern Time. There are also watching events at museums and science centers across the U.S. New York City will get to watch the landing on a very big screen - the Toshiba Vision screen at One Times Square, which is usually the focal point for the New Year's Eve ball drop.

Queer Science, From Alan Turing To Sally Ride

We may think of academics as a liberal, open-minded lot, but lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender scientists have had as rocky a road to acceptance in the scientific community as in other segments of society.

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Accidentally Discovers New Planet

NASA's Spitzer space telescope accidentally discovered a new planet while conducting other studies. This planet -- almost the size of Mars and covered with an ocean of molten rock -- was described by one of the space agency's scientists as being just around the corner from Earth, cosmically speaking.

As US Fries In Heat Wave, Half A World Away, Eggheads Wonder If Global Warming Is Real

Thousands of miles away, a cadre of international Nobel laureates assembled to discuss global warming were having a, er, heated debate, arguing over data that the vast majority of scientists the world over say shows clear evidence of manmade climate change. But in the steaming streets of Brooklyn, the crowded public pools of Atlanta and the power outage-hit suburbs of Washington, D.C., the discussion was unanimous: It was hot.

The End Of The World Will Happen Like This

Regardless of whether you give credence to doomsday prophecies, there are some slightly credible scenarios in which the world will end -- either with a bang or with a whimper.

China Puts Its First Woman Astronaut Into Orbit; Fighter Pilot Liu Yang on Space Mission

China put its first woman into orbit on Saturday, one of three astronauts to attempt a critical space docking in the latest challenge for the country's ambitious space programme. A Long March rocket blasted off in the early evening from the remote Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the northwestern Gobi Desert, carrying with it the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft and the three astronauts, including 33-year-old female fighter pilot Liu Yang.