?Djeca? A Cannes Highlight, Director Aida Begic Talks War and Religion

Djeca (Children of Sarejavo) is being touted as one of the best films in the Cannes Film Festival line-up this year. Set just after the Bosnian war, it follows Rahima and her teenage brother Nedim. Having lost both their parents in the war, the two fight to survive in their crumbling homeland.

10 Things To Love, Hate About The 'Star Wars' Franchise

It's been 35 years since George Lucas' brainchild, Star Wars, premiered in theaters, launching a multibillion-dollar franchise -- along with Harrison Ford's acting career -- and eventually making every fanboy's wet dream come true: Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in the iconic golden bikini.

China Criticizes UK Prime Minster Cameron For Meeting With Dalai Lama

Chinese officials summed a UK ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday in an official complaint against British Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The two dignitaries spoke with the 14th Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, on May 14.

Top Baby Names 2011: From Jacob to Sophia [List]

The most popular baby names of 2011 are out, with Jacob holding its place as the top boys name for another year and Sophia taking over from Isabella as the most popular girl's name, according to the Social Security Administration.

Resume Embellishment? Yahoo?s CEO Not Alone

Rather than deal with business, directors of Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO), the No. 3 search engine, have been busy all week in the ?resume embellishment? scandal that forced one director to quit and put the CEO under a cloud.

Buddhist Monks' Smoking, Drinking And Gambling Scandal Sweeps South Korea

Six Buddhist monks were caught smack in the middle of a controversy, after a video showing the leaders performing illegal activities was aired on television networks, days ahead of a South Korea's religious holiday that marks the birth of Buddha.The controversial clip exposed the senior monks drinking, smoking and gambling with thousands in cash at stake involved. The incident, which reportedly happened in a luxury hotel room late April, was taped in secret and was released to the media a...

Sylvester Stallone 'Discovered' in 500-Year-Old Painting And Other Celebrities Doppelgangers of Historical Figures [PHOTOS]

A Harvard student was bewildered on a visit to Vatican City, not because of the beauty or the history, but because a 500-year-old painting by Raphael which shows a man who is an exact doppelganger of Sylvester Stallone. While it's obviously not the real life Sylvester Stallone, the resemblance is uncanny, namely in the cheekbones, chin and the heavy eyes. However, Stallone isn't the only famous celebrity who was named a doppelganger of historical figures and people in paintings.

Muslim Husband Slaps Sister-In-Law, Calls Her A 'Slut' For Taking His Wife To Beach

A Morocco immigrant attacked his sister-in-law for taking his wife to the beach. He was enraged because she dared to take his wife on the beach trip without his permission, a court heard on Tuesday. Ismail Belghar allegedly slapped Canan Kokden across her face, called her a 'slut' and held her over a car park railing when he noticed his wife Hanife Kokden's sunburned shoulders.

Emily Herx Fired From Catholic School Teacher After Fighting For 'The Right To Have A Family'

An Indiana teacher was fired from a Roman Catholic school after undergoing in vitro fertilization, which the Church strictly shuns, according to the Associated Press. The 31-year-old former educator, Emily Herx, is filing a lawsuit claiming that her termination last June was a result of discrimination. The case could spark serious legal controversy over reproductive rights and religious rights.