Newsweek Gets It Wrong: Obama Is The Real Wimp

It?s time for the liberal mainstream media to get their story straight. Is Mitt Romney an arrogant, ruthless business tycoon or is he a wimpy, weenie mouse as this week?s Newsweek cover alleges?

Tom Cruise: Which Hot Scientologist Should He Date Next?

Now that much of the shock from the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce has somewhat subsided, many are wondering who the actor will date next. According to the National Enquier, Cruise's next love interest will likely be a Scientologist.

As Apple Faces New US Discrimination Accusations, Iran Tries To Capitalize

Reported incidents of discrimination by Apple Store employees against people of Iranian descent are increasing, raising the likelihood that what appeared to be a few cases of prejudice may turn into a legal and diplomatic scandal. Further, the company's virtual non-response to the reports exposes it to being played by Tehran, which has already become involved.

Lawless Bihar: The Sicily Of India

Widespread poverty, an under-educated populace, underpaid police, extensive criminal gangs, vigilante justice, lynchings and corrupt politicians all conspire to make rural Bihar a dangerous place.

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorce Settled: Was The Marriage A Sham?

It is difficult to reconcile the accusations that TomKat was merely a contractual agreement with the way the split has played out so far -- with Cruise convincingly playing the role of the jilted husband and Holmes the long-suffering wife who can't get away from him fast enough. On the other hand, the hasty settlement is more suggestive of a premeditated ending than a knock-down, drag-out fight would have been.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes' Split Reveals How Scientologists Get Divorced

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? high-profile divorce came as a surprise to some. The duo burst into a public love life with an oft-mocked appearance Cruise made on Oprah, which saw the actor hopping on couches and pumping his fists. But now their split has opened up new interest into how scientologists handle divorce.

Chinese Underground Catholics Caught Between Church And State

Wenzhou, probably the most Christian city in China, has a vibrant Catholic community. But two-thirds of these Catholics choose to worship without government oversight, a fact that highlights how faith in today's China can still be a murky, semilegal affair.

Brad Pitt News: Read Here The Shocking Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Obama Letter From Brad Pitt?s Mother Jane Pitt

It seems like the apple DID fall far from the tree in the case of Brad Pitt and his mother, Jane Pitt. While Brad Pitt and fiancée Angelina Jolie always said that they would not get married until same-sex couples were allowed to do so, it seems that Jane Pitt does not support their views. In a shocking op-ed letter to the Springfield News-Leader, Jane Pitt's hometown newspaper, the actor's mother writes of her support for Mitt Romney, and slams Obama for his views on abortions and gay marr...