Rebels Say They Captured Pilot Of Downed Syrian Jet

Syria's rebels were jubilant Tuesday morning, claiming to have shot down a jet and captured its pilot, an apparent victory against the overwhelmingly superior firepower of President Bashar al-Assad's forces.

Catacomb Muslim Sect Uncovered In Russia; Leaders Face Cruelty Charges

Four members of a Muslim sect in Russia's Tatarstan region have been charged with cruelty against children, after the authorities discovered last week 70 members living in catacomb-like cells in an eight-level underground bunker on the outskirts of the city of Kazan, under the orders of a self-proclaimed Islamic prophet Fayzrahman Satarov.

New Egyptian Cabinet Retains Many Former Ministers

Egypt's newly appointed Prime Minister Hesham Qandil has announced his cabinet selections, which were represented heavily by longtime state employees and former government ministers, underwhelming expectations of extensive changes in the new government as it facilitates the country's shaky transition to democracy.

The Christian Dilemma In Syria

While the world considers the broader regional implications of the Syria crisis, the status and position of religious minorities is becoming an increasingly important issue.

Top After-Market Nasdaq Movers (Silicon Image, Global-Tech, Depomed, Merge, Papa JohnS, Career Education, McGrath RentCorp, Digital River, True Religion)

The top after-market Nasdaq gainers Tuesday were Silicon Image Inc, Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc, Depomed Inc, Merge Healthcare Inc and Papa John's International Inc.The top after-market Nasdaq losers were Career Education Corporation, McGrath RentCorp, Digital River Inc, True Religion Apparel and Horizon Technology Finance Corporation.