Utah Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed Bill Bans Public School Talk of Gays, Condoms, STDs

Legislators passed a controversial bill this week in the Utah Senate, which would allow public schools to offer an abstinence-only sexual education curriculum - or no sex-ed program at all. The measure would prohibit Utah public schools from teaching students that contraceptives can be used as a means of preventing pregnancy and infection from sexually transmitted diseases. It would also ban teachers from discussing homosexuality.

Anonymous Takes Down Corrupt Vatican Sites

The international hacktivist group Anonymous on Wednesday claimed the takedown of several Vatican Web sites. Anonymous accused the Catholic Church of corruption and crimes that the church has been committing for centuries as a reason behind the attack on Vatican City network.

Anonymous Hackers 'Lay Siege' To Vatican Website For Historical Crimes

Hacktivist members of the Italian arm of Anonymous, a formless international organization dedicated to freedom of expression, internet freedom and funny viral online content, set their sights on the Vatican, launching a denial of service attack that temporarily knocked the homepage offline on Wed. March 7, 2012.

GLAAD Slams Kirk Cameron for Anti-Gay Comments; Supporters Cry Freedom of Speech

Kirk Cameron made headlines over the weekend after he appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight and called homosexuality unnatural and destructive. Cameron's comments were slammed by GLAAD and many celebrities, but the Evangelical Christian has also received an outpouring of support, particularly from those defending his freedom of speech.

48 Hours in Singapore

Got 48 hours to explore Singapore? The Asian financial and business centre has undergone a makeover in recent years and it is now also a playground for Asia's rich where sleek skyscrapers meet quaint shops.

Anonymous Hackers Attack Christian Websites, Declare 'Religion Sucks LOL'

Calling it a sickness to this world, members of the formless 'hacktivist' group of computer programmers known as Anonymous informally declared war on religion on Friday, March 2, hacking the websites of three Christian organizations all based in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. The homepages for Bethel Outreach International Church, Charlotte International Church, and Crossfire Ministries were all replaced with the 30-minute long YouTube video, Richard Dawkins: An Atheist....

Google Privacy Policy: 5 Easy Steps to Save Your Internet Privacy

Today is the day that Google consolidates 60 of its 70 privacy, which will allow user account information to be exchanged between its products. All of the enterprise software Google owns--Gmail, Google Docs, etc.--along with all of the entertainment properties the company owns--YouTube, Google Plus, etc.--will begin exchanging information between each other. Here's five easy steps you can take to save your internet privacy.

Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Comment: Who Is Sandra Fluke?

On his Wednesday radio show, inflammatory commentator Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University law student a “slut” and a “prostitute.” The target of these attacks was Sandra Fluke, who has testified in favor of insurance coverage for contraceptive healthcare.

Senate Heads for Showdown Vote on Contraceptive Coverage

The Senate is expected Thursday to defeat a largely symbolic measure that would exempt employers such as Roman Catholic hospitals, universities and charities from a controversial White House rule requiring free birth control coverage.

Erykah Badu Concert Banned in Malaysia Because of ‘Insult to Islam’ Body Art

Erykah Badu was banned from performing in concert on Wednesday night by Malaysian authorities after a local newspaper published a photograph of the singer's body art. According to the Associated Press, over 1,500 people had purchased tickets to watch the soul singer perform in Kuala Lumpur, before the Malaysian information minister announced that the published photo of Badu was an insult to Islam.

Mahatma Gandhi Baptized by Mormon Church? Issue Stirs Debate on Proxy Baptism

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the icon of peace and non-violence and the Father of Indian nation, was baptized by proxy by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) on March 1997, according to information from an independent researcher. The revelation by the researcher Helen Radkey of Salt Lake City has raised sharp reactions from Gandhi's grandsons and Hindu activists worldwide.