The Kansas City area is being hammered by at least six tornadoes, according to local authorities.

Tornadoes have struck Miami, Johnson, Clay and Cass counties this morning and afternoon.

The storm system pounding Kansas City is part of much larger weather pattern that is also affecting much of the Midwest, as far north as Minnesota.

Keith Walter, a resident of Louisburg, Kan, told local reporters: “We were looking outside and it was raining, then the wind picked up and we saw a bunch of debris in the air. It went across (Kansas Highway) 68 and into the cemetery. From what we can see, there are some trees down and some trees stripped.”

Walter added: “There was a pickup truck that was overturned on 68 in front of the cemetery, and the flags are wrapped around the poles, so you know there was rotation.”

Meanwhile, Kansas City has opened its Emergency Operation Center in the Northeast part of the city. Kansas City police department ordered officers to their stations and to take cover unless on emergency calls.

Many government agencies and business in Kansas City have order their personnel to take cover in the basements of their buildings.

Several government agencies and business in downtown Kansas City were ordering employees, staff and others to take cover in the basements of their buildings.

A massive tornado has already struck Sedalia, Mo., a town about 80 miles east of Kansas City