• The Warriors of Chaos is a rush faction with a heavy focus on infantry
  • Most Chaos units are capable of dealing and taking large amounts of damage
  • This faction has very little in terms of ranged unit options

The Warriors of Chaos, big and burly harbingers of the End Times, is one of the hardest-hitting factions in the “Total War: Warhammer” series. These savage brutes are equipped with strong weapons and equally-sturdy armor that help them wreak havoc against lesser mortals on the battlefield.

Despite their intimidating appearances, the Warriors of Chaos still have weaknesses that any aspiring Chaos Lord should be well aware of. Here’s a general guide on how to use this faction in both single-player and multiplayer battles in “Total War: Warhammer 2.”

Chaos Warriors Roster Overview

Like the Vampire Counts, the Warriors of Chaos is a rush faction that prefers to trample enemies with superior melee troops supported by potent magic. A typical Chaos Warband is usually composed of lines of infantry supported by missile cavalry, war hounds, monsters and artillery.

Lightly-armored Marauders form the backbone of a Chaos army together with the bigger and meaner Chaos Warriors, who’ll be dealing and taking most of the damage from the enemy. Chaos Warriors have very high armor and damage stats, which means that most basic infantry won’t stand a chance against them. Their tougher variants, the Chosen, sport heavier armor and deadlier weapons.

Chaos Marauders engaging Empire soldiers in Total War Warhammer 2
Chaos Marauders engaging Empire soldiers in Total War: Warhammer 2 Total War: Warhammer 2

Such heavy protection comes at the cost of lower mobility, however. Armor-piercing weapons and magic also negate much of the defense that heavy armor offers. To offset this weakness, the Warriors of Chaos can use war hounds, monsters and cavalry to disrupt priority targets so the Chaos Warriors can do their jobs properly.

Campaign and Battle Tips

The Warriors of Chaos campaign is notorious for being extremely annoying to complete because of their victory conditions, which involves destroying the Empire, Dwarves and Bretonnia. As a horde faction, players won’t be able to establish settlements, which means that they need to keep moving from one region to another.

One good strategy here is to build up the main horde first before making more. A well-built army can destroy enemies with auto-resolve, which eliminates the need to fight battles at all. This applies even to Siege battles.

As for actual battles, it’s best to just send the army to the enemy’s frontline and let the infantry do the heavy-lifting. Most of the work players need to do when commanding a Chaos army involves micromanaging heroes, skirmishers, artillery and cavalry.

Always find a way to disrupt units with armor-piercing weapons. Chaos Knights are great for charging the backlines, and Chaos Warhounds, despite their low stats, are particularly effective at chasing down ranged units.

Chaos Spawns and Dragon Ogres are great for breaking frontlines, especially when fighting against other armored factions like the Dwarves. Mix and match all of these with the magic abilities of the army’s lord or hero to win any battle.