• Some players have completed Saga Mode in just five in-game days
  • This can be done with proper strategy and preparations
  • Clear speed will depend on luck with world seeds and boss spawns

Grinding out the battle pass for “Tribes Of Midgard” can be a little tedious, especially if players find themselves completing Saga Mode in 10 in-game days or more. Such runs can take up to two hours to finish if everything is done right but with a few strategic adjustments, this time can be cut down by quite a bit.

It was only a matter of time before players started speedrunning “Tribes Of Midgard.” A number of community members have posted successful Saga Mode runs that they’ve completed in just five in-game days, which is nearly half of the usual completion time when compared to regular players.

Here are some tips and trips on how to speedrun Saga Mode in “Tribes Of Midgard.”

Tribes of Midgard is a 10-player coop game where players must prevent Ragnarok while protecting a Seed of Yggdrasil at their home village
Tribes of Midgard is a 10-player coop game where players must prevent Ragnarok while protecting a Seed of Yggdrasil at their home village Norsfell

Preferred Class: Hunter With Villager Kit

The Hunter class has the unique passive that increases their movement speed by up to 20%. When stacked with the passive movement speed increase given by roads, Hunters will be able to explore the map faster than the other classes.

Meanwhile, the Villager Starter Kit is arguably the best option among all the starter kits. Not only does it come with good early-game equipment, it also starts with three mana charges that can be used to quickly cut down trees or break rocks, making early resource gathering painless.

Equipment Of Choice

A max-level Nornir Axe is usually enough to last the entire run. However, Baldr’s Sword and Fornjot’s Axe are also great legendary weapon alternatives. Prioritize these if their respective Jotunns spawn first.

For armor, a full set of Feral gear is recommended for the cold resistance.

Follow Roads, Find The Beach Sorcerer And Bridge

The main priority is to find the Beach Sorcerer and the bridge as early as possible. The Sorcerer sells Hideout Fragments that allow players to skip Hideouts entirely, drastically saving the time taken per run.

While exploring, gather all the necessary materials for the equipment mentioned above along the way. Multitasking is important and it’s best to keep track of all the necessary objectives during exploration.

NPC Level Order

Get the Tinker to level 3 as soon as possible for the silver tools. These will help resource gathering become much more efficient. Afterward, level up the Blacksmith and Armorer to the same level as the Tinker.

Once enough materials are collected for a legendary weapon, upgrade the Blacksmith to level 5.