• Fenrir is relatively easy, but preparations and multi-tasking makes the encounter difficult
  • Players must first open the Lair portal before fighting the boss
  • Time in “Tribes of Midgard” continues normally even while inside the boss arena

Crafting, exploration and survival aside, the ultimate goal in “Tribes of Midgard” is to defeat the Saga Boss, which is directly tied to what season the game is currently in. The first season, dubbed the Wolf Saga, places the giant wolf Fenrir as the main boss to beat in the game’s relatively short session-based rounds.

As he’s technically the final boss in the game, Fenrir can be difficult to fight, especially for inexperienced players. While the boss fight itself isn’t that hard, just the act of getting to the final arena can prove problematic.

Here’s a short guide on how to beat Fenrir in “Tribes of Midgard,” along with some general gameplay tips to help make Saga Mode easier.

Tribes Of Midgard combines ARPG gameplay with elements of exploration and survival games
Tribes Of Midgard combines ARPG gameplay with elements of exploration and survival games Norsfell

How to get to Fenrir

Players have to complete the main Saga objectives found on the left-hand side of the screen. This normally involves preparing for the first Jotunn attack, finding the bridge to the high-level snow biome and opening the portal that leads to the boss room.

The first two steps are simple enough, but to open the boss room, players must collect Jotunn Fragments, Event Fragments, Quest Fragments and Hideout Fragments. Be sure to do at least one quest and clear one hideout before building the bridge.

How to beat Fenrir

Fenrir has a simple moveset, and most of his attacks can be dodged by staying by his hind legs. There are only two attacks that players should be wary of: the howl and the boulder rain moves.

When Fenrir howls, stay by the edge of his tail, which counts as an active hitbox. Players can hit his tail for free damage until Fenrir stops howling.

As for the boulder rain, simply avoid the circular ground markers. However, try to be careful when using the dodge button as the recovery time after the roll can spell disaster.

When fighting Fenrir, the world outside the boss room remains active. This means any night-time raids or active Jotunns will still head toward the village and possibly destroy the Yggdrasil seed while players are fighting the Saga Boss.

To counter this, players can freely leave the boss room and handle other matters first without causing Fenrir to heal. This is easier done with multiple players, but it’s also completely doable in solo.