Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage Reuters

UK Independence Party's Nigel Farage, a close ally to President Donald Trump, was seen at the Ecuadorian embassy in London Thursday, the same place Wikileaks founder Julian Assange lives in, BuzzFeed reported Thursday.

When asked what he was doing at the embassy, in which Assange has been living in since he claimed asylum in 2012, Farage said he couldn’t remember what he had been doing in the building, according to BuzzFeed. When asked specifically if he went to visit Assange, Farage said, “I never discuss where I go or who I see.”

However, a source close to Farage confirmed to The Independent the politician, who visited the White House last month, was at the embassy to visit the hacktivist.

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Farage, who strongly advocated for Britain’s exit from the E.U., was seen leaving the embassy with the producer of his LBC Radio program, Christian Mitchell, after staying in the building for 40 minutes, according to BuzzFeed.

Farage’s visit to the embassy comes after Wikileaks released a trove of documents revealing CIA tools used to spy via smart devices, such as TV’s and mobile phones. The data also revealed a special hacking division inside the agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence dedicated to developing and gathering flaws to manipulate iOS and Android devices.

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There is no known connection between Farage and Assange.

Assange was granted asylum at the embassy to prevent him from being deported to Sweden to answer questions over sexual assault accusations.

Assange is viewed as favoring Trump after Wikileaks released hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta last year. The release of hacked documents strongly affected Clinton, leading her to lose the presidency to Trump.