Love is in the air and one man is trying to make America date again.

The website crept up last year during the Presidential election cycle and has only gained popularity since. Turns out that those who voted for the President are looking for like-minded partners, just as people with specific professions or the same religion turn to certain dating sites to find a match.

The site’s founder David Goss started the site after seeing there was one like it for supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, who was in the running for President and the Democratic nomination, according to CNET.

While you can browse single supporters in your area for free, you can’t contact them without signing up for the site and paying the fees associated with use. Users can either pay a monthly fee of $19.99 or pay in smaller amounts for credits that earn them messages to other users, says CNET.

The site’s tagline, “Making Dating Great Again,” is a riff on the President’s slogan, which isn’t the only tactic Goss picked up from the President. He also uses Twitter to advertise the site, a ploy also used by Trump to reach his supporters, and has more than 20,000 followers, but as of now there are no Facebook or Instagram pages associated with the dating site. There is also no app for the site yet, so users have to use the site directly. So for now Trump supporters will have to settle for using the site directly to find their like-minded partners.