• Twitch is currently facing a lot of complaints over alleged sexual abuse and harassment made by some of its streamers
  • The company already issued a statement about the allegations
  • Some streamers are actively calling viewers and streamers to boycott the company for 24 hours through the movement called #TWITCHBLACKOUT

The popular streaming site Twitch is facing calls for a 24-hours blackout with users and viewers encouraged to switch off for a day. The site has become the center of controversy recently over claims of harassment and sexual abuse by gamers against others. Most streamers are now taking part in #TWITCHBLACKOUT for the site to address the issues properly.

Recently, streamers use various means to participate in the issues that trouble Twitch. Several streamers stop using the site’s streaming service at all. Others are streaming with the proceeds going to charity. Several others are not participating in the cause and are deliberately ignoring the movement and the hashtag.

Users have contrasting opinions on the movement, which led to a lengthy discussion about the movement and its underlying reasons. The people backing the #TWITCHBLACKOUT movement are urging their fellow users, both viewers and streamers to boycott the site for a day. This is their response to what they believe is the slow response of the company to allegations of abuse and sexual harassments made to some of its users.


Several popular streamers received accusations from multiple women. Recently, Twitch issued a statement about these claims, but some users think the apology does not go far enough. Interestingly, those backing the #TWITCHBLACKOUT movement would like Twitch CEO Emmet Shear to take more decisive action against users hurled with accusations.

Meanwhile, Twitch shared a statement on Twitter noting that it takes accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct seriously. It added that it is currently looking into accounts and is willing to work with law enforcement whenever applicable. The company also said that it is grateful for the bravery shown by those who came forward and spoke out about their experiences.

It further added that it is committed to making the streaming community a safe place for everyone. The #TWITCHBLACKOUT are streamers way of hurting the company financially. They are hoping that the movement would lead to the improvement of the platform. Also, they want the level of offensive behavior that exists in the site would be reduced if not gone.