You've certainly seen the Twitter logo of a blue bird, but did you know it has a name? And better yet, do you know who it is named after?

Twitter employee Ryan Sarver tweeted on Monday that Doug Bowman, Twitter's creative director, named the bird Larry. But which famous Larry is the namesake?

Larry the Twitter Bird is named after former NBA player for Boston Celtics and present Indiana Pacers manager, Larry Bird.

Sarver tweeted The evolution of the Larry the Bird logo on Monday, showing the bird since the microblogging Web site went live. The birdie was always, and will always be, blue but it began with its wings spread in flight, with white eyes and a white belly. It evolved into a different caricature with a bigger belly and bigger, wider eyes and pursed lips. Now, it is solid blue and a little bigger than its predecessor.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone confirmed the name of the little birdie as homage to Larry Bird back in August 2011 via Stringer.

It is unclear whether or not Larry Bird knows if he was the namesake for the Twitter logo.