For Wednesday’s Day of Action in support of net neutrality, companies, activists and proponents of the policy have pounded the virtual pavement. Through various channels, supporters have encouraged the public to reach out to the Federal Communications Commission and their elected officials and urge them to protect net neutrality.

On Twitter, the response to the Day Of Action has been similarly active. Companies and websites who stand to be affected by a potential repeal have voiced their support:

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The rally also saw similar support from lawmakers and other figures like inventor of the internet Tim Berners-Lee:

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The Day of Action was launched to mobilize public support for net neutrality, which is currently at risk of being rolled back by the FCC and chairman Ajit Pai. Net neutrality refers to policies that encourage the internet to remain a neutral platform for internet users, companies and internet service providers. Supporters say this is, in part, to prevent internet providers from restricting or charging more for certain sites or services. Current net neutrality protections were enacted in 2015 under former chairman Tom Wheeler, but Pai and other Republican supporters want to roll them back, arguing that they are restrictive to business interests.