A new gadget designed specifically for Twitter fans who want to tweet whenever and wherever, was launched on Tuesday by gadget maker Peek.

The phone, dubbed TwitterPeek, is made by Peek, a New York mobile start-up. For $99, buyers get the device and six months of unlimited Twitter service before paying $7.95 a month thereafter.

Alternatively, customers interested can pay $199 and get unlimited Twittering for the lifetime of the device. Though presumably they are not actually predicting the lifetime of the device will be approximately 18 months.

TwitterPeek, which looks like a smartphone, features a QWERTY keyboard and comes in black or aqua blue. The phone is about a half-inch thick, 4-inches-long and just under 3-inches-wide and offers five days of battery life, according to the company.

It will work anywhere in the US and connects to a nationwide cellular network.

It's too soon to tell how well the TwitterPeek will do in the market, but it does face competition from various mobile phone apps that already allow users to Tweet from their iPhone, BlackBerry or Android-powered handset.

Details of Twitter's partnership with Peek were not disclosed. The popular 140-character blogging site is also considering ways to generate money on the site, which may include some form of advertising.

TwitterPeek is already on sale at Amazon.com and on the Peek Web site.