Two Ryanair planes brushed against each other while taxiing on a runway at Dublin airport on Tuesday, according to reports. But, there was no major damage to the two Boeing 737 planes.

The incident reportedly led to minor delays to some flights, a spokesperson for the Dublin Airport Authority reportedly said. The two planes -- one traveling to Edinburgh in Scotland and the other heading to Charleroi in Belgium -- were reportedly believed to each have about 100 passengers on board. Authorities reportedly said that no passengers were injured in the incident.

“Two of our aircraft were taxiing slowly to the runway at Dublin Airport this morning. The winglet of one aircraft appears to have scraped the tail of the other. There was no impact on customers on board,” a Ryanair spokesman said, according to The Irish Times. “Ryanair apologises sincerely to customers for any inconvenience.”

The Air Accident Investigation Unit of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport will conduct an investigation into the incident, the Irish Aviation Authority, or IAA, said in a statement. “Dublin Airport is now fully operational, although passengers may anticipate some delays as a result of this morning’s incident.”

Passenger Andrea Cunningham, who was on board the flight to Edinburgh told RTE, a local media organization, that the passengers had to wait for about an hour on the plane before they were brought back to the airport terminal.

“It wasn’t a huge impact to be honest, but you could feel the plane tug and then we kind of just stopped,” Cunningham reportedly said.