Russian Soldier In Snow
Representation. Russia is recruiting reinforcements from the country's Far East region as "they are better adapted to life in low temperature conditions and will be more effective in winter," according to Ukrainian intelligence. Eugene_69/Pixabay


  • Matviyenko issued the warning in a blog post on the eve of Russia Day celebrations on June 12
  • She said Russia will not be 'driven into a corner' or made into a 'pariah country'
  • The warning comes as Ukraine has liberated three occupied villages in eastern Donetsk

A Russian senator warned that the United States has no chance of crushing Russia and claimed Ukraine will lose in the war.

Valentina Matviyenko — chairwoman of the Federation Council — issued the warning in a blog post published on the eve of Russia Day celebrations on June 12.

"Today, 15 months after the start of the NWO [special military operation], it is quite obvious: the chances of crushing, bringing our country to its knees are zero. Russia's victory in the conflict over Ukraine is inevitable," Matvienko wrote in the blog post, as translated via Google Translate.

"Of course, we are fully aware that new serious challenges await us, and we must meet them fully armed, which, of course, will require a new quality of interaction between government and society. We will ensure it because over the thirty years of Russia's recent history a reliable, strong foundation has been laid under our statehood and social system," she continued.

In addition, Matvienko said Russia will remain a "strong state" and a "world power" despite the sanctions levied against it by the West and Europe following its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

"I am convinced that we cannot be driven into a corner, isolated, made into a pariah country. Russia remains and will remain a world power. And because we are a strong state, which is simply impossible to ignore," she said.

Her warning comes as Ukraine's forces reportedly made gains on several fronts after launching its highly anticipated counteroffensive over the weekend. On Sunday, Ukraine's military recaptured three areas in the eastern Donetsk region, namely the village of Makarivka and Blahodatne and the settlement of Neskuchne, per Ukraine's Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar.

In addition to liberating villages, Maliar also said that Ukraine's forces were able to advance around the Berkhivka reservoir and on two fronts south of the city of Bakhmut. In one case, the official said Ukrainian troops were able to advance as much as 1,500 meters or nearly a mile in one front.

The International Business Times could not independently verify the claims.

Since the war began in February 2022, Russia has lost a total of 215,640 soldiers, including 980 killed over the past day, estimates from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

A Ukrainian soldier gives waterto a captured Russian army serviceman near the front line city of Bakhmut