It's everyone's dream to win a fancy car, like a Lamborghini, in a contest. For David Dopp, it was a nightmare after he crashed the $380,000 hot rod just six hours after winning it.

According to a local Utah news source, Dopp won a lime-green, 631-hp Lamborghini Murcielago LP-64 from a Maverik Joe Schmo to Lambo contest.

I couldn't believe I won it, Dopp told KSL News.

That same day, Frito-Lay truck driver Dopp crashed his newly won Lamborghini.

Yeah, I got it on Saturday and I wrecked it on Saturday, he said in a statement to KSL.

Dopp said he was taking friends and family for a ride on Saturday in his hometown Santaquin, Utah when he hit a patch of ice, causing the vehicle to spin out of control before hitting numerous fence posts and landing in a field.

We were coming up a hill, going around a corner; and as soon as we came up the hill, we either hit some black ice or loose gravel or something, and all of a sudden we just started spinning, Dopp said. We ended up in a field, and I back-ended a couple of fence posts.

Dopp told inSantaquin News that he was driving 40-50 mph in a 35 mph zone, with a car that has a top speed of 205 mph, when the accident happened.

While Dopp was reportedly o.k. after the accident, the Lamborghini suffered front-end damage, a punctured wheel and scratches along the passenger side.

Dopp said the hot rod was insured and will be sent on Wednesday to a Las Vegas body shop for repairs.

The same day he won the vehicle, Dopp posted photos posing with the Lamborghini on his Facebook account. Dopp also detailed an incident with the cops where he was pulled over for speeding.

Just had Santaquin Police called on me for driving to fast. SORRY!!!!:) he wrote.

Santaquin Police Officer Allen Hansen said the accident that wrecked the Lamborghini was speed related and alcohol was not involved.