• Health can be increased by wearing armor pieces
  • Health can be regenerated through powers, abilities or consumables
  • Healing is severely limited while in combat

Though players take on the role of a powerful vampire in the world of “V Rising,” this doesn’t mean that they are immune to death. Once their HP hits zero, even the strongest of vampires will find themselves back in a waygate or coffin with very little of their precious gear on their bodies.

Character progression in “V Rising” is directly tied to the player’s equipment quality. This means that every stat, from critical hit chance to attack power and maximum health, is affected by what gear players have equipped.

How to increase max HP in “V Rising”

Armor pieces in “V Rising” increase the player’s maximum health with each piece equipped.

This health boost can get even higher if the armor pieces belong to a set. For example, wearing two pieces of the Merciless Nightstalker set grants players 12 extra HP, while wearing four pieces will also increase physical power by two points and overall gear score by one point.

How to heal in “V Rising”

Healing can be done in many ways. The most reliable method is to use the Blood Mend ability from the Powers wheel. This will convert blood from the Blood Pool to HP. Blood Mend is most useful as an out-of-combat healing skill when no other options are available.

The second method is to use consumables. By default, all players start with the recipe for Vermin Salves, which grants health regeneration for a short period of time when outside of combat. Progressing down the tech tree will unlock more craftable consumables like the Blood Rose Potion.

The final and least reliable way of healing is by using the Veil of Blood mobility skill and the Blood Rite parry, which are default abilities. Both skills have small but meaningful healing effects that can help with sustaining HP in battle.

Lastly, keep in mind that Blood Types can have positive effects on health regeneration. Brute blood, for example, grants life leech on-hit while Creature blood can boost the effectiveness of all health regeneration sources by 150%.

Healing effects are limited when in combat, so try to start every battle with a full health bar and rely more on avoiding or mitigating damage instead of recovering from it.

Raid human towns as a powerful vampire in V Rising
Raid human towns as a powerful vampire in V Rising V Rising