• Whetstones drop from bandits in the Farbane Woods
  • The Bandit Armory is a prime spot for farming Whetstones
  • Grayson the Armourer drops the crafting recipe for Whetstones

Whetstones are treated as consumable crafting ingredients in “V Rising,” and they’re used in many useful recipes that are integral to mid-game progression.

Luckily, Whetstones aren’t too hard to come by. Players can typically find these items as drops from dead bandits. The starting area of Farbane Woods is chock-full of these enemies, but Whetstones aren’t guaranteed to drop from every bandit roaming the roads.

The best place to farm Whetstones is the Bandit Armory just north of the central Farbane Vampire Waygate. Whetstones seem to drop from enemies at an increased rate in this area, and most of the breakable barrels and boxes tend to give even more Whetstones for players to grab.

Players can also find Grayson the Armourer on top of the hill in the Bandit Armory. Beat this boss to unlock the Crimson Aegis power, Workshop floors and the Whetstone crafting recipe. Keep in mind that Grayson is a Level 27 boss, so come prepared or bring a few friends.

Whetstones are crafted at a Furnace by smelting Copper Ingots and Stone Dust together.

Copper can be earned in mass quantities by going to the Bandit Copper Mine regularly. The mine has a ton of copper nodes inside, but it’s also guarded by a fair number of hostiles. Still, players should try to farm the Bandit Copper Mine for the sake of getting a complete set of Merciless copper gear.

The center of the copper mine is guarded by Errol the Stonebreaker, a Level 20 boss who uses a hammer to send chaos energy surging through the ground.

The good thing about fighting Errol is that beating him will cause nearby nodes to crumble. Not only will players get a shot at obtaining loot like recipes and Unsullied Hearts, but the explosion following the boss’ death will also cause all nearby copper nodes to explode, saving players a lot of time.

Meanwhile, Stone Dust is obtained as a by-product of Stone Bricks at a Grinder. Simply place some stones inside a Grinder, and the crafting station will automatically generate Stone Dust, much like how a Sawmill produces Sawdust when making planks.

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