• Iron can be mined from nodes that spawn in the Haunted Iron Mine in Dunley Farmlands
  • Iron nodes can sometimes spawn in the wilderness
  • The ruined vampire castle near the mine sometimes has minable iron nodes

The iron tier of weapons and armor offers a substantial boost to the player’s arsenal in “V Rising,” but getting these items requires a fair bit of progress through the early parts of the game.

Unlike the more common copper nodes littered around the Farbane Woods, iron can only be farmed up north in the huge haunted mine in the Dunley Farmlands. The mine itself is chock-full of iron nodes for players to mine, but beware of the restless dead and V Blood bearer inside.

There are also a few iron nodes on the surface of Dunley Farmlands. The ruined vampire castle just west of the haunted mine has randomly respawning iron nodes right next to a few other minerals. This spot is also fantastic for setting up a player’s own base given that it isn’t already occupied.

The Haunted Iron Mine in V Rising
The Haunted Iron Mine in V Rising V Rising

Players can simply run toward the mine from the Farbane Woods, but the trek there can prove very dangerous. Every enemy in the Dunley Farmlands is over Level 30, and the mine itself is home to a few powerful foes who are over Level 40. Even the basic skeletons inside can pose a serious threat to any underpowered vampire.

More importantly, iron itself needs at least copper-tier weapons in order to be damaged, and players will need a Smithy to actually turn the iron into useful equipment.

The Smithy recipe can be obtained from the Bandit King boss in the Bandit Stronghold located north of the Farbane Woods bordering the Dunley Farmlands. To enter the stronghold, players will need to craft some explosives from the Alchemy Table using Sulphur and a few whetstones.

The Bandit King isn’t terribly hard to fight, but he does hit hard. Make sure to bring a full set of Merciless gear and absorb blood types that increase damage and gear score. The Chaos Volley skill from Lidia the Chaos Archer is great against tanky targets thanks to its high impact damage and damage-over-time effect.

Once players can comfortably take down the Bandit King, the rest of southern Dunley Farmlands should be a breeze except for the roaming bosses. Thankfully, players won’t need to fight them in order to farm any of that precious iron.