• The first main area has 13 bosses in total
  • Bosses can be tracked directly by using the Blood Altar
  • The Putrid Rat cannot be tracked, only summoned

Farbane Woods is the starting area of “V Rising” outside of the tutorial crypt. Since it’s the first place every new vampire will get to visit after they wake up, there isn’t anything too special in this forest. However, there are a number of bosses here that can grant some of the game’s most important tools and technologies.

Each of the 13 bosses in this area can be tracked via the Blood Altar’s scent-sniffing mechanic, though there’s always a bit of uncertainty involved with it. To help players pinpoint where each boss might be in Farbane Woods, here’s a summarized list of their spawn locations.

“V Rising”​ Farbane Woods Bosses

Though hunting down each of the bosses isn’t totally required, it is highly encouraged, especially since they hold the key to unlocking some of the game’s most important crafting stations and abilities.

  • Boss locations
    • Alpha Wolf – Wolf Den
    • Keely the Frost Archer – Bandit Trapper Camp
    • Rufus the Foreman – Bandit Logging Camp
    • Errol the Stonebreaker – Bandit Copper Mine
    • Grayson the Armourer – Bandit Armory
    • Lidia the Chaos Archer – Random
    • Goreswine the Ravager – Desecrated Graveyard
    • Putrid Rat – Build a Vermin Nest inside a castle
    • Clive the Firestarter – Bandit Sulphur Quarry
    • Polora the Feywalker – Gleaming Meadows (north of the Sulphur Quarry)
    • Ferocious Bear – Bear Cave (East Farbane)
    • Nicholaus the Fallen – Forgotten Cemetery
    • Quincey the Bandit King – Bandit Stronghold

Keep in mind that the names of each point of interest in the world map can be seen by hovering the mouse cursor over them. Players can identify these POIs by their slight discoloration relative to the rest of the map.

Usually, there is a designated arena inside a POI where the players can find and fight their respective bosses. There are a few exceptions to this such as Clive, who tends to roam the central area of the Sulphur Quarry.

Bosses (and the enemies inside their camps) have a chance to drop rare loot like Unsullied Hearts and crafting recipes, so they may be worth fighting repeatedly over the course of the early game, especially for the sake of completing the Merciless gear set.

V Rising puts players in the shoes of a newly-awakened vampire lord
V Rising puts players in the shoes of a newly-awakened vampire lord Stunlock Studios