• Keep crafting stations organized and close to each other
  • Use different combinations of wallpapers and floors to make each room look more appealing
  • Always dedicate some time just for harvesting and crafting resources

Base building is one of the key pillars of “V Rising’s” gameplay. Without a solid castle, players will be left with virtually no way to progress through the game.

Building a castle is surprisingly simple, but designing one that fits the needs of players can be a little hard, especially when the midgame arrives. Here are a few tips on how to make better castles in “V Rising.”

All About Function

The first thing players need to think about is the actual complexity of their castle. It may be tempting to just build a large box over a flat piece of land, but there are significant benefits to be enjoyed if players actually spend time creating dedicated rooms for their base.

Crafting stations can become more efficient once players build them on Castle Floors that fit their category. For example, building a Furnace on a room with Forge floors will make it craft faster and use less raw resources.

One of the easiest bases to make is a box hall with the Castle Heart in the middle and crafting rooms around the perimeter. This will save players the trouble of running to and from different stations, and it should keep storage easier to manage.

A pavillion-style design surrounded by different crafting stations in V Rising
A pavillion-style design surrounded by different crafting stations in V Rising V Rising

Improving Form

Designing an aesthetically impressive castle isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of ways to approach this, though, such as taking inspiration from real-life examples or from other works of fantasy.

Two of the most basic ideas that new castle designers should familiarize themselves with are the concepts of contrast and pattern disruption.

Even a simple box room can look impressive when players use different building pieces. Instead of sticking with the default stone walls and floors, experiment with other wallpapers or tiles to make the room more interesting to look at.

Gathering and Crafting Resources

Every castle starts with the collection of raw materials. This takes a ton of time, and players who intend on doing any elaborate builds should plan their resource usage for posterity’s sake.

Don’t be afraid to make half a dozen Grinders or Sawmills when planning for a big build, and don’t forget to use the Blood Rage ability when collecting lumber or rocks.

A simple throne room design - V Rising
A simple throne room design V Rising