• The console can be enabled in the options menu
  • Command suggestions will pop up on the console
  • All console commands can be seen by using the List command

There’s a lot to experience in the initial early access version of “V Rising,” but not many people have the luxury of time on their side.

While there are ways to alter game settings to make progression less grindy, players can also just use admin commands to make necessary adjustments to their game on the fly. This obviously won’t work when joining other servers, but it’s great for solo players who want to test some things out on their own.

Here’s everything to know about “V Rising’s” console commands.

How to enable the console

Players can enable the console in “V Rising” through the main menu or pause menu.

First, go to the Options, then select the General tab. Look for the “Console Enabled” setting and make sure to tick the box. This will let players access the dev console by pressing the tilde (`) key on their keyboard.

Before any console commands can be used, open the console and type in “adminauth” to gain admin access.

“V Rising” Console Commands

There are tons of commands that players can use in the admin console. To get the full list of commands, open the console and just type “List.” Every time a valid command is typed into the console, there should be some suggestions that players can cycle through by using the arrow keys on their keyboards.

Here are some useful console commands for players running private servers or solo sessions:

  • Give – spawns a designated item
  • Addtime – moves the in-game clock forward
  • TeleportPlayerToMousePosition
  • TeleportToPlayer
  • Changedurability

By typing in any of these commands, players should see a list of valid strings appear on the console. Select one of the suggestions and hit the Enter key to activate its effects.

Take note that the “give” command will allow players to access unreleased gear pieces such as weapons, armor and crafting materials. These may not be useful at the moment, but they do give a glimpse at what players can expect from the game’s future updates.

Server owners are advised to use admin commands only for emergencies or testing purposes. As with all cheats, these will detract from the game’s intended experience and possibly ruin the experience for the player and everyone else on the server.

Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising
Vampires converting humans into thralls in V Rising Stunlock Studios