• Food items in "Valheim" received a rework in the latest update
  • Many food items now grant either large amounts of health or stamina
  • Many new recipes were added to the game

The first major update for “Valheim” has gone live, and players can now explore all of the new content the game has to offer.

“Hearth & Home” added a number of new food recipes as well as some new building and furniture pieces for Vikings who love to decorate their cozy homes. This guide is meant to point players toward the best food combinations in terms of sheer numerical stats to help those who want to focus on fulfilling specific roles or finishing certain activities.

Here are some of the best food combos in “Valheim’s” latest update.

A player approaches the Mistlands, an upcoming biome in Valheim A player approaches the Mistlands, an upcoming biome in Valheim. Photo: Valheim

Maximum HP Food Combo

  • Lox Meat Pie
  • Serpent Stew
  • Fish Wraps

These three food items will grant the highest possible maximum HP bonus for players who want to play as the group’s tank, as HP now grants a bonus to blocking power and stagger resistance. However, the low maximum stamina provided by this combo means that players won’t be able to dodge or attack as much, making them reliant on party members.

Maximum Stamina Food Combo

  • Bread
  • Eyescream
  • Muckshake

Stamina is great for agile playstyles that rely on dodging and using special weapon attacks like the dagger’s jump attack or the two-handed axe’s jab. Builders will also want to get as much stamina as possible to make home construction more efficient. Like the previous combo, this one forsakes one stat in favor of the other.

Early-Mid Game Food Options

Players can mix and match the food items mentioned above to get a relatively balanced diet for their Vikings. However, most of those food recipes require ingredients from late-game areas, which may make things a little difficult. Here are some food suggestions for the early-mid game stages that are easier to acquire.

  • Wolf Jerky
  • Wolf Skewers
  • Boar Jerky
  • Honey
  • Carrots
  • Cooked Dear Meat

These food items are relatively simple to get as the listed animals are plentiful and easy to hunt. They also give almost equal amounts of HP and stamina, which will help round out a player’s diet for general purposes and exploration.

For those who want a more detailed summary of each food item, Redditor u/2rfv and YouTuber StyledSnail shared some useful resources regarding all of the new recipes and their buffs.