• The Hearth and Home update will add cosmetic coin piles, treasure chests and iron gates
  • The update has no concrete release date as of yet
  • Iron Gate has hired additional staff members to help speed up development

Iron Gate is back from its summer break, and work on “Valheim’s” first major update, Hearth and Home, is back in full swing. It’s been one month since the developers last gave the community an update on the game’s progress, and fans have been itching for more information regarding “Valheim’s” future.

“Valheim’s” Hearth and Home update focuses on improving base building and upgrading a few core gameplay mechanics tied to player stats, according to a previous dev blog. Iron Gate shared some new objects like new roof tiles, food recipes, plantable vegetables and more.

Their latest blog update is a bit more modest in terms of content reveals, but it gives hope for the “Valheim” fans who have been waiting for the Hearth and Home update for a while now.

Iron Gate revealed some new cosmetic building pieces that will be added to “Valheim” in the upcoming update that will let players create their own treasure rooms. Soon, coins can be crafted into Coin Piles and Coin Stacks similar to how stacks of wood or stone can be placed in the environment.

Dedicated Treasure Chests are also being added to complete the treasure room aesthetic. These can help players conserve precious storage space in their other chests and allow for more creative uses for their excess coins.

New stackable coins and coin piles featured in Valheim's Hearth and Home update
New stackable coins and coin piles featured in Valheim's Hearth and Home update Iron Gate

The developers will also be adding actual iron gates that can be used as dungeon cages or vault bars to trap monsters or safeguard their riches.

“Valheim” experienced an explosive launch that almost immediately placed the game at Steam’s best games of all time, amassing over 6 million copies sold and over 220,000 positive reviews. This brutal survival game rivaled the likes of “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Terraria” in terms of concurrent player counts and it still holds a spot on Steam Charts’ top records list, making it one of the best early access titles of all time so far.

However, “Valheim” has lost its momentum after the majority of its playerbase experienced all that the game has to offer and the slow update speed of Iron Gate’s small but dedicated team. The developers have announced that they have expanded their team size to further hasten their progress and deliver more game content updates sooner.