• Three of Yoru's abilities are getting reworked in Episode 4 Act III
  • Yoru's ultimate has been reworked into a powerful scouting and engagement tool
  • Yoru's revamp can potentially land him a place in many meta teams

Fans of “Valorant’s” edgy trickster Yoru will have more to look forward to this year once Riot releases his rework into the live servers, giving the agent a solid spot in many team comps.

Yoru’s reworked abilities were revealed in a recently-released “Valorant” devblog courtesy of Riot Games. The developers dove deeper into the agent’s new abilities and the thought process that went into his revamp in the post. Here’s a closer look.

Yoru’s New Abilities

While Yoru’s kit didn’t get replaced by fancier or flashier new skills, three of his abilities did get major changes:


The first big change is with his Fakeout ability. Before, this skill would let Yoru trick opponents into thinking that he or his teammates were approaching from a different direction by placing phantom footsteps that would run in a straight line for a short duration. Now, Riot added an actual clone of Yoru that enemies can shoot for a nasty surprise.

Yoru's updated Fakeout ability in Valorant
Yoru's updated Fakeout ability in Valorant Riot Games

Yoru will now send a clone of himself that, when shot by enemies, will turn into a flash grenade that will blind all enemies in a cone-shaped area pointing toward whoever shot it. There’s a brief period that will allow enemies to dodge the flash, and any allies caught within the cone who are looking at the flash will get blinded as well.


Yoru’s Gatecrash received a small but significant update. Once cast, Yoru can choose to fake a teleport to the orb’s location to throw enemies off and keep them guessing. The teleport sound effect will play when Yoru fakes the activation, granting him and his team a few precious seconds to enter a site.

Dimensional Drift

The biggest change to Yoru’s kit is with Dimensional Drift, and it can potentially skyrocket him into meta status. With his reworked ultimate, Yoru will be able to safely scout areas without any risk of retaliation.

During his ultimate, Yoru will be invisible to the enemy (though his footsteps will be audible) and will still be capable of using all of his abilities. Players will be able to force an engagement with aggressive flashes and set up a perfect Gatecrash while Yoru’s ult is active. However, the cast delay and unequip delay times have been increased to compensate for his newfound power.