Veganism is on the rise, especially now that music’s power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé are advocating it. The superstars recently partnered with 22-Days Nutrition to encourage people to adopt a more plant-based diet in exchange for a chance to win lifetime free tickets to their concerts.

While the sweepstakes does not force people to go full-on vegan, the effort opens up further discussion on its benefits. Veganism is not a new concept but it is only now that a celebrity of this magnitude has spoken up and actively promoted it.

In addition to being more healthy (versus meat-based diets), one main selling point of veganism is that it can supposedly help you lose weight. But, can it really? A recent study has shown that with a properly laid out meal and calorie counting plant, weight loss will happen fast.

Vegan Burgers
The top contenders in the plant-based protein category are Impossible Food and Beyond Meat. To help you make a choice between the two, we've gathered info about both of the brand's burger patties. Getty Images/Philippe Huguen

A joint study by scientists from three institutions based in Washington D.C. and the Czech Republic suggests that plant-based diets help stimulate certain hormones in one’s gut that assist in the regulation of blood pressure, insulin production, and glucose and energy levels. These are what make a person feel like he or she is already full and is, thus, the primary reason why those who go vegan get to manage their weight more efficiently.

The research, titled “Vegan Nutrition”, found that anybody who ate vegan meals, regardless of health status or medical condition, had higher levels of these good stomach hormones compared to those who included meat and cheese in their diets.

According to research presented at Nutrition 2018, vegans tended to have a lower body mass index, abdominal fat, blood sugar and cholesterol than their nonvegan/vegetarian peers. They also had a smaller waist size and mortality rate. Veganism is defined as consuming high-quality plant-based food such as nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Since vegan diets lean toward reducing one’s calorie intake, the weight loss becomes a natural result. In short, there is less pressure on your part to perform calorie counting frequently because most of its ingredients already have a very low calorie base. Of course, this is to be supplemented by regular exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle.