Denver, Colorado residents had an opportunity to witness an astronomical event Thursday night, as a large fireball streaked across the sky above the Mile High City. A man named Greg Kamer was filming a Christmas light display at the Denver Botanic Gardens when he inched the camera up a little bit and saw something blaze across the sky, KCNC-4 reported.

KCNC-4 producer Aaron Romek actually saw the event on his drive home Thursday night and tweeted about it.





Kramer was not the only Denver resident to capture the fireball on video. Danny Ginther’s home security system captured it from his Aurora, Colorado home right before 8 p.m. Thursday night, according to KMGH-7.



No, this is not a sign of an upcoming alien invasion. The common thinking is that this fireball was from the Geminid meteor shower, which peaked Wednesday and into Thursday. Geminids visually originate from the constellation Gemini, but in reality come from a space object called the Phaeton, which will make a close pass at Earth this weekend.