After winning a controversial match against Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather decided to create another confrontation.

The undefeated boxer had a harsh exchange with HBO's Larry Merchant, in the post-fight interview.

Merchant, who is known for his making some rather curious comments over the course of his long boxing commentating career, didn't seem to provoke Mayweather when pressing him to explain his decision to quick-start a combination that knocked out Ortiz.

Mayweather felt that Merchant wouldn't give him a fair shake, and then proceeded to direct inflammatory language at Merchant. He also belittled Merchant's knowledge of the sport.

To Merchant's credit, he laughed off the comments. The 80-year-old boxing expert then said he'd fight Mayweather if he was 50 years younger.

A serious interview was needed after the fight, which ended in controversial fashion.

After an unprovoked lunging headbutt by Ortiz, Mayweather decided to respond by delivering a right and left cross to Ortiz immediately after Ortiz put his fists to Mayweather's in an act of goodwill and apology.