Instagram users who want to see like counts in every post will be able to see them with some help from a Chrome browser extension.

Months ago, social media giant Instagram tested hiding like counts from posts after a rule, coming from a code reported by the British Information Commissioner's Office, prohibited websites from using features that will encourage users under 18 years of age to spend more time online. The social media company initially tested the feature in the U.K.

Instagram recently expanded the test to include a number of users in different countries around the world, including the U.S., TechCrunch reported. The company said the feature is meant to help make the app become a safe place for people to express themselves.

The feature is also meant to help users focus on the actual posts, and not the number of likes a post gets. While Instagram users will still be able to see the number of likes their own posts get, they won't be able to see the number of likes a post coming from another Instagram user receives. And so, instead of watching for like counts, they can simply focus on content quality.

While the company intends to use this feature as a way to help improve the app, a study from HypeAuditor reveals that Instagram influencers and creators are negatively affected by it, SocialMediaToday reported. Some of these Instagram users lost a substantial amount of likes in the countries where the feature was tested.

Those who can't stand not being able to see Instagram like counts can use a Chrome browser extension called “The Return of the Likes,” from social media analytics company SocialInsider. The extension, which can be downloaded here, “displays the number of likes and comments for any post on Instagram.”

While the extension will be helpful for like-conscious Instagram users, it's worth noting that the extension only works with the Chrome browser on a computer. This means users will have to put in the extra effort to log on to their Instagram accounts via a desktop or laptop computer.

The process of seeing like counts using the extension might be troublesome, but TechCrunch noted that at least it works.

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The logo for Instagram is pictured. AFP/DENIS CHARLET