A Norwegian design firm is offering an innovative look into the future of cargo ships. Designed by Lade AS, the Vindskip features a large hull planned to function as a massive airfoil, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the Vindskip’s designers, the largely wind-powered hybrid ship could ultimately cut emissions by as much as 80 percent and lead to fuel-cost savings of as much as 60 percent, even though it would still require an electrical generator using liquefied natural gas.

Gizmag reported that Lade AS has suggested “a computer navigation system could pull in weather data to plot an optimal course.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail noted cargo would be loaded and unloaded via a large opening on the side of the ship. And, in case of emergency, lifeboats would be dropped from a “lip” located atop the vessel.

Vindur The hybrid cargo ship would be powered partly by wind and partly by a electrical generator fueled by liquefied natural gas. Photo: Reuters

The design wasn’t developed only for cargo ships, though. According to Lade AS, it could eventually be used in future generations of large cruise ships. Whatever its function, a Vindskiplike vessel would be pulled through the water with the help of its “symmetrical airfoil” hull, with company manager Terje Lade telling Gizmag the planned structure is much like “a normal sail.”