There is yet another reason to walk or run now, other than for just being healthy. Tremont Electric, a U.S.-based company, announced a new device that will help charge gadgets by using power generated by walking or running.

The device is called the 'nPower PEG' where 'PEG' stands for 'personal energy generator' and is shaped like a baton. Put it in your pocket, or a bag, and the internal weight moves, generating electricity in its coils as you move around. It can be connected to the phone or other gadgets through a small USB port and a cable.

However, the device produces only about a minute of talktime for every 15 to 30 minutes of walking on smartphones but is more energy efficient for devices like the iPod.

The gadget, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics show, is expected to be hugely popular among people who spend a lot of time on outdoor activities.

It is fairly lightweight, at 312 grams and is expected to work with more than 3,000 handheld devices.

The company began shipping the gadget, which is priced at $159.99, last September and intends to ramp up production soon to meet the growing demand.