Blockchain Gaming is taking crypto to new Heights. Any regular Twitter follower has noticed the shift of large-scale influencers looking heavily into gaming while putting other currencies on the sideline. The past year has shown the potential for huge gains in blockchain gaming, and it seems like the market is still in its infancy.

More recently reports have surfaced from smaller growth funds adding various blockchain games to their portfolio to satisfy the growth-hungry crypto investors. Blockchain games have created a source of passive income for many small-time investors who don’t have the funds to play the market. This has created a community in which small- and large-scale investors and gamers come together and build growing excitement and momentum around a project.

Everest Coin ($EVCOIN) is the latest launch in Blockchain Gaming and the excitement could not be more evident after they saw extreme growth within 24 hrs. Unlike some games, Everest Coin Gamers don’t need to drop thousands to play and earn. The game is designed so players can join up for a small buy-in and enjoy the play-to-earn experience completely. With play-to-earn players can actually earn tokens and NFTs simply by playing and leveling up in the game.

Many have heard stories of gamers in some countries able to make more income playing games rather than working difficult labor-intensive jobs. The high buy-in of some of these games has already outpaced some small-time players who now need sponsors just to play. Everest Coin will open up with a newer more cost-effective method of entry. It will take gamers on a journey to the summit. They will need a series of NFTs or supplies that will help them accomplish their mission. As they ascend the mountain they will experience some difficulties, but the fun that comes from crushing the levels while earning EVCOIN at the same time is something many are excited to try.

An even larger population of investors are simply snagging up as many in-game assets and blockchain game currencies as they can. They have no intention of playing the game but see the value and utility of blockchain games when it comes to securing growth in a portfolio. After missing out on the massive gains of Zed Run, Axie Infinity, and SandBox many investors are desperate to find the next blockchain game hit and Everest Coin just might be it.

In addition to the game, Everest Coin offers a lottery that encourages holding, a charity to support the Himalayas and Sherpas, and a solid team of experienced crypto creators and climbers that are ready to tackle the Mountain once more. Their unique gaming concept has generated significant excitement in investors and gamers alike and the opportunity to profit is now open to a broad range of investors.