A fisherman sits on the shore as Russian army amphibious ship RFS Kaliningrad approaches the dock for upcoming celebrations to mark the 65 years since the end of World War Two in Swinoujscie, Poland, May 5, 2010. Reuters

Poland’s National Security Bureau believes Russia poses the greatest threat to its maritime security and wants federal funds to enhance its navy’s ability to thwart a potential attack, Sputnik News reported Monday.

The National Security Bureau released its research as to why Poland’s navy needed to modernize Friday, saying it was critical for the country to have a fleet of ships with the ability to project missiles at a comparable level to those in the American and Russian navies. The National Security Bureau, a government agency tasked with carrying out the president’s domestic security directives, wants Poland’s navy to add multipurpose frigates with air defense capabilities. The report said the frigates would be readily available to come to the aid of any other NATO countries along with protecting Poland’s own borders.

"Only in this way will Poland be able to neutralize potential threats, including those emanating from Russia, and to demonstrate its solidarity with allies," the National Security Bureau report said.

The report cited Russia’s increasing “militarization” in the nearby Baltic Sea and “particularly the Russian anti-access/area denial capabilities in the Kaliningrad region” as the reasons why improvements in Poland’s navy were needed as “an instrument used in foreign relations in the region."

The report painted a picture what a full-scale armed conflict in the Baltics Sea would look like, approximating that Russia’s geographic disadvantage at the northeastern tip of the body of water would cause its military to launch several aerial attacks on NATO countries as well as Sweden and Finland. The National Security Bureau report recommended that its navy take advantage of Russia’s smaller access to the Baltic Sea by creating a blockade that prevents Russian ships from advancing west, RT reported Sunday.

"In the event of cooperation with NATO forces, or at least those of Finland and Sweden, these exits could be easily blocked by the Polish navy, in cooperation with the air forces capable of destroying ships," the report said.

The United States deployed roughly 3,000 troops to Poland and six other NATO countries Eastern Europe in January over possible Russian aggression in the area, USA Today reported. A spokesman of Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin viewed the U.S.' action as a "threat" to Russia's "interest" and "security."