• Sevagoth is a new damage-oriented Warframe with a spectral reaper theme
  • Sevagoth has two sets of abilities, and one is restricted to his Shadow Form
  • Players must complete the new quests and farm in new missions to get Sevagoth 

The “Call Of The Tempestarii” update in “Warframe” is adding sweeping changes to how Railjacks work and a brand new Warframe that focuses on stealing souls and slicing up foes.

Sevagoth is the newest addition to the game’s roster of super-powered space ninjas, and he’s serving the Grim Reaper fantasy that players thought Nekros would deliver. Instead of being a support-oriented frame like the latter, Sevagoth specializes in dealing damage with a few useful abilities to keep him and his team alive in hectic moments.

Before diving into his abilities, it’s important to note one of Sevagoth’s key mechanics: the Death Well. Every enemy affected by Sevagoth’s basic abilities will fill up the Death Well, allowing Sevagoth to use his ultimate ability when filled.

Sevagoth’s first ability is Reap, which sends out his Shadow to roam around and harvest souls from enemies, causing damage over time. His second ability, Sow, plants a death seed in nearby enemies that will drain their health over time. Enemies that are hit by Reap while they have a death seed will explode, dealing damage in an area around them.

Gloom, Sevagoth’s third ability, sends out a radial pulse that slows down all enemies hit and grants all allies lifesteal, making Sevagoth a decent source of sustain.

Exalted Shadow, Sevagoth’s ultimate, grants players control over his Shadow form. The Shadow primarily attacks in melee with its giant claws and it has its own melee-oriented set of abilities:

  • Embrace – Pulls all enemies in a cone in front of the Shadow.
  • Consume – Dashes through enemies in a line and heal the Shadow
  • Death’s Harvest – Creates an aura around the Shadow that weakens enemies
  • Reunite - Reverts back to Sevagoth’s base form

Additionally, players will be able to equip Sevagoth’s Shadow and Claws with their own set of mods, much like how Excalibur’s Exalted Blade can be modded separately. The Shadow has its own energy pool as well.

How To Get Sevagoth In “Warframe”

Sevagoth’s parts are tied behind the new “Call Of The Tempestarii” quests. Players will have to finish all of the quests to unlock Sevagoth’s main blueprint while each of his individual part blueprints can be farmed in the Pluto Proxima, Neptune Proxima and Veil Proxima missions.

Warframe is a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with a heavy emphasis on melee and mobility
Warframe is a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with a heavy emphasis on melee and mobility Digital Extremes