• "Warframe" is confirmed to get PS5 and Xbox Series X ports
  • However, the popular third-person shooter game could also get a mobile release
  • “Warframe” is currently playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

“Warframe” has been confirmed to get PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version. However, there could be more in store for the popular third-person shooter game.

According to the latest annual report of Leyou – the parent company of “Warframe” developer Digital Extremes – there have been talks about possibly “transforming successful PC or console games into mobile version".

Leyou chairman Xu Yiran noted the success of “Call of Duty: Mobile” in 2019 as a precedence for the possible transition, citing the game’s 150 million downloads in the first month alone. Activision’s mobile version of the “CoD” series also received plenty of awards, including the recent BAFTA EE Mobile Game of the Year plum.

Additionally, Chairman Xu Yiran emphasized that more popular titles are predicted to have mobile versions in the coming years as players jump into the trend.

“Although we are not a mobile game developer and our strengths lay on PC and console properties, we embrace mobile games. The portability of mobile devices attracted an immense number of players, turning it into the biggest gaming platform in terms of both the number of users and revenue,” the Leyou boss added.

“Our strategy is to integrate the proven successful products on PC and consoles to mobile devices to provide a cross-platform gaming experience for our users, in order to leverage our own strengths while maximizing the success rate of new products at the same time.

While the statement is not a confirmation that there will indeed be a “Warframe” game for mobile, Chairman Xu Yiran noted that they are “expediting the strategic layout” in developing mobile versions of their successful titles.

It is also worth noting that in the annual report, decreasing player-base and lack of exposure was cited as key issues “Warframe” experienced in 2019. The game was unable to compete with products of bigger international video game developers, which resulted in fewer new users.

With that said, it appears Leyou and Digital Extremes are building a case on why “Warframe” needs a mobile version. However, should they decide to do it, fans shouldn’t expect it to come real soon as the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will likely be prioritized.

“Warframe” is currently playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

'PUBG' being played on a Samsung smartphone. Daniel Moises Magulado/