The phrase “It’s so hot you could fry an egg,” has taken on new meaning for people living in Arizona. The state saw record-breaking temperatures last week of 119 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix, and since then the desert city has cooled to an uncomfortable 112 degrees as of Monday.

The heat is really starting to get to some people, and supposedly even their street signs, garbage cans, cacti and the pavement. Flights were grounded last week when temperatures were too high for some planes. As the extreme heat and lack of rain persists, residents and visitors to the state have been taking to Twitter to show how they’re trying their best to enjoy the heat.

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The last thing you want to do on an extremely hot day is turn on the oven or grill to make yourself a meal. So some residents are using the heat from the sun to fry their eggs and even bake cookies, pizzas and other frozen foods. It is so hot out that the sun works as well as the kitchen in some cases. Some people were using the dashboard of the car as an optimal spot to cook.

Several Twitter users channeled the concentrated heat from the sun to bake cookies.

Chicken and hamburgers also fully cooked in the extreme heat although they didn't exactly look appetizing.

Other Twitter users were complaining that the heat was causing things to melt. One user tweeted that her Hershey’s bar melted in the unrelenting heat after just a few minutes in the car -- even with the air conditioning going. But chocolate wasn’t the only thing melting.

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Photos of street signs that were supposedly melting popped up on Twitter, too. The letters on the signs appeared to be running so much that the letters were dripping.

But that theory was debunked by a spokesperson for the Phoenix Street Transportation Department, who told an NBC affiliate in Washington that the damage to the signs was not specifically sun related. Google Maps images taken in November show that the sign was damaged already at that time, so although it appeared to be “melting,” it most likely was not.

A photo was posted to Reddit of a mailbox in Mesa that supposedly melted as well. And a Twitter user posted that her grocery bags had melted to her groceries while she was on her way home. Which isn’t all that unbelievable because polyethylene, the plastic commonly used for grocery bags, melts at about 266 degrees Fahrenheit a temperature the trunk of a car could possibly reach in the sun.

Some people are dealing with the heat by honing their sense of humor and hiding from the scorching sun in their air conditioned homes.

The real issue comes when it's time to leave the house, some people are complaining of their shoes sinking into the cement sidewalks.

The heat is even too much for some cacti despite their usual thriving in hot climates. They're bending and falling over from the extreme temperatures.

The daytime temperatures in Phoenix for the next five days are expected to be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it doesn't look like the heat will be letting up any time soon.