Hurricane Ophelia swept through Ireland Monday as a post-tropical storm, bringing hurricane-force winds to the area. Homes and business were damaged as the remnants of the storm hit the region, leaving at least three people dead.

A video posted online showed the storm tearing the roof off Douglas Community School in Cork, Ireland. It appeared nobody was inside the school at the time due to mandatory closures as Ophelia made its way toward the region, BBC News reported. All schools were set to remain closed Tuesday as authorities worked to determine the extent of the damage, according to The Guardian.

Douglas Community School wasn’t the only structure to lose its roof: some residents reported similar destruction from the storm.

“I was sitting in my house looking out the window when I saw the roof of one of the caravans near us blown clean off,” Malin Head resident Kevin Farren told The Guardian. “It just got lifted by the storm and blew along.”

Officials in Ireland warned of destructive winds of up to 75 mph and the possibility of storm surges. The storm was expected to continue north over the western portions of Ireland. Residents were advised to stay at home and avoid traveling.

“There is a danger to life and property,” said Ireland’s weather service, Met Eireann.

The weather service issued a status red warning for Ireland, explaining that it could be the most severe weather event to hit the country in more than 50 years. Some 360,000 people remained without power Monday, according to Irish news outlet The Journal, though officials expected that number to go up as the storm progressed.