NASA’s astronauts celebrated the current season of the MLB World Series by playing baseball inside the International Space Station (ISS).

The historic baseball game in space was played by the astronauts Jessica Meir, Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan. The ball was pitched by Meir, which floated slowly across one of the rooms in the ISS due to the lack of gravity. It was then hit by Morgan who was using a short pipe-like object as a baseball bat.

“From all of us on the International Space Station, as we prepare to send the first woman and the next man to the surface of the Moon, we say we are proud to be from Houston, home of the Astronaut Corps,” Koch said in the video.

The game played by the three astronauts isn’t the first baseball-related activity carried out aboard the ISS. Earlier in March of this year, the astronauts aboard the station celebrated the opening of the MLB’s 2019 regular season by sharing images of ballparks that were taken from space.

In a video shared via Twitter, the ISS astronauts showed what 30 MLB ballparks would look like if viewed from space. The clip began with the field used by the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim and ends with the Washington Nationals.

In 1995, the first pitch from space was thrown. It was conducted as the opening pitch for the 5th game of the 1995 World Series. The pitch was thrown by astronaut Ken Bowersox while aboard the space shuttle Columbia.

The momentous event was broadcasted live through the scoreboard of the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field. Since it took place in space, it was the first time that the first pitch thrower was not present in the ballpark.

“On the scoreboard at Jacobs Field and on the ABC broadcast, the first pitch was preceded by footage of the launch of Columbia on October 20, 1995,” NASA stated. “After Commander Ken Bowersox was introduced, he welcomed everyone aboard Columbia and threw the first pitch.”

“Following the pitch, the Jacobs' Field scoreboard showed several animation sequences, including a fly-in animation from space into downtown Cleveland,” the agency added. “On cue, spectators saw a ball appear to fly in and land in center field.”

International Space Station
The SPACE Act of 2015 officially extended the International Space Station to 2024. NASA