A video of a rhino wreaking havoc on a highway in Assam, India went viral after it was posted to Facebook by the Facebook group North-East of India Monday. The rhino was shown charging at cars, with incoming traffic trying to get away from the 5,000 creature that can run up to speeds of 31 miles per hour (mph).

The Facebook group incorrectly identified the rhino as an elephant in their caption Monday, writing: “Check gate of Elephant: An Elephant stopped trucks on the highway and took out the potatoes+Rhino.” Most commenters on Facebook were quick to point out the animal was not an elephant.

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The footage continued to gain notoriety on social media after Al Jazeera English shared the clip with their followers Thursday.

It amassed 6,400 likes by the following day. “Run, rhino, run!” they wrote in one tweet.

While Al Jazeera has more than 4 million followers, it was a post from an unverified Twitter user that helped the clip gain fame.

“Just a rhino charging at traffic, while an Indian couple commentate with Hank Marvin on the radio. That's all,” one Twitter user wrote, garnering 8,500 shares, 13,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

In the clip, the videographer remarked at the size of the animal. “Damn. Look at the size of that thing,” he said, identifying the beast as a rhinoceros. “This is an ultimate picture. I thought I saw these on bloody African movies.”

The rhino finally exited the road after busses blocked the highway, frolicking off into the greenery.

Internet users enjoyed the video of the rhino charging, where no one was apparently hurt. One person remarked the animal appeared to be enjoying itself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, don't ever let anyone tell you there's no point being on Twitter!” @DebSpillane wrote Friday. “Fantastic! Three point turns everywhere,” @Bigsamowen tweeted, taking notice of the vehicles that tried to get out of the rhino’s path.

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While seeing a rhino run down the highway is an oddity to most, there’s apparently an explanation for it. North-East of India took to their comment section to shine some light on the situation.

“In rainy seasons [it's] a regular view in Assam. Go to nearby areas of Kaziranga National Park and other national park of Assam, [you] will get this kind of scenario,” they wrote.

Not everyone was a fan of the video. Some accused the clip of being phony.

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