The Romney campaign unleashed its first general election ad on Friday morning, in which the presumed Republican nominee promises to make changes to Obama's policies during his first day in office.

Day One is a 30-second positive ad, as Mitt Romney promised this week, but still takes subtle digs at the president.

For example, Romney promises to immediately approve the Keystone pipeline during his first day in office, creating thousands of jobs that Obama blocked.

Romney also vows to introduce tax cuts and reforms that reward job creators, not punish them, as well as issue an order to begin replacing Obamacare with commonsense health care reform.

The former Massachusetts governor talked about the upcoming ad Thursday, saying it would be a positive ad on what I would do if I were president in contrast to the character assassination the Obama campaign did in an ad released Monday that criticized his tenure at Bain Capital.

The ad is set to run in battleground states like Virginia, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina, according to ABC News.