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Florida alligator is lured from Naples, Florida home's garage. Screenshot: Fox News

A massive alligator was captured Saturday night by wildlife officials who baited the 8-foot “monster” from a Florida garage.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission officials in Naples, Fla., successfully lured the alligator from the Valencia Golf and Country Club, as Fox News video shows the alligator lunging and hissing as it exits the garage. The creature can be seen repeatedly opening and snapping its jaws shut as the wildlife officials rounded him up.

The alligator is at first seen in the back of the home’s garage before being led into the driveway and subdued by several wildlife officials on the scene. WINK-TV news, the southwest Florida station that first reported the gator footage, just days ago released Naples video of a black bear in a woman's garbage. In the wake of September's Hurricane Irma, the Florida Department of Health tweeted that residents needed to "be alert to wildlife" because "snakes, alligators, etc. may have been displaced as a result of strong winds or rain."

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission, more than 1.3 million gators live in the Sunshine State.

This comes just days after photos emerged of 8-year-old Grayson Chandley having captured an 11-foot alligator from Florida’s Lake Kissimmee. The Lake Wales, Fla., resident proudly displayed the body of the massive alligator in photos that spread quickly on social media. Male alligators in the Florida area have been sighted up to 14 feet in length.

It's unclear what facility or wildlife area the 8-foot gator was taken to after being capture by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission officials.

In another incident Sunday, two people went missing in gator-infested waters in Brevard County, Florida, after their airboat crashed and sank.