Singapore story
Lightning flickers across sky above Singapore's Little India district. Alan Huffman

Here is a preview of the IBTimes Magazine this week.

Singapore’s city of the future and the ghost of Tom Joad:

Alan Huffman finds that migrant workers – an increasingly important component of the global economy – risk widespread exploitation, even in this wealthy, multicultural city-state.

Loving and hating the year-end lists:

Ellen Killoran winnows the winnowers in this best of “best of” list for 2013.

What are the odds that you’ll encounter a drone in 2014?

With the proliferation of unmanned aircraft for military purposes and now, potentially, for consumer uses, Chris Harress looks at the likelihood that a drone will soon appear in your airspace.

Israel-Palestinian conflict

A prisoner’s hunger strike prompts his early release. Protests ensue. A car drives up: It’s Netanyahu. Kate Shuttleworth reports from Jerusalem on what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has in common with Northern Ireland and Gandhi-era India.