Following the media kerfluffle stemming from a lewd photo that appeared on his Twitter account, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has canceled a scheduled speech in Wisconsin Friday, the New York Post reported.

Weiner was slated to speak at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention in Milwaukee Friday night, but canceled, choosing to stay in New York with his family, state Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski said.

It's understandable, considering what's going on, Zielinski told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The now-infamous photo of the lower body of a man wearing underwear was posted on the New York representative's Twitter account Friday night; though Weiner insists that he did not post the photo and believes his account was hacked as a prank. He does leave open the possibility that the photo is of him, saying he can't deny it with certitude.

The young woman the tweet was directed to, charged that she was being harassed by someone trying to smear the congressman.

Weiner, who again maintains the salacious tweet was the work of a hacker, has retained an attorney to investigate the matter. He has also tried to downplay the incident, although he held a press conference in which he was evasive when asked whether or not he had sent the photo.

This is not a national security matter, he told NBC. We are not making a federal case out of this and I don't think anyone else should.

On Thursday, Weiner told CNN that he intends to get back to work doing the job that I'm paid to do.

The conservative blogger who broke the story - Andrew Breitbart, who runs the conservative website - has been calling for a full investigation. As he put it, either someone is guilty of hacking a congressman's account, or Weiner has something he wants to hide.