Google Inc. has been ruling the world of Internet with its search engine information that includes webpages, images, videos, news and more. But when Google entered the social networking market with Google+ then other sites such as Facebook and Twitter seems to feel the pain.

As Google is having an extensive information on its site, its Google+ project seems to connect people on the web more like connecting them in the real world.

Meanwhile, people may think Google+ has borrowed some good ideas from Facebook. Nonetheless, it offers some cool new approaches which Facebook doesn't. And, hence, Google+ could soon be a solid alternative to Facebook.

The first major 'Facebook killer' factor is the seamless integration of Google products with a single Google account which will force users to spend time on Google+, even if they are die-hard fans of Facebook.

Usually, Facebook users stay on the site for over half-an-hour a day.

Google's tactic to attract users and keep them engaged on the page is a sure way to increase traffic for Google products, including the new Google+.

So what Google+ is all about? Click the slideshow to know:

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