Google is said to be working on its next big project. Getty Images/TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA

Google could be announcing the biggest project it has been keeping secret for years during its Oct. 4 event. By big, consumers can expect something that is out of this world. Well, not really. But at least it is currently codenamed “Andromeda” at Google’s headquarters.

For what seems like forever now, there is a rumor that keeps on surfacing every now and then, and it is claiming that Google is apparently melding the Android OS and Chrome OS into a single operating system. The end result is a hybrid that is referred to as Google Andromeda.

As the days of 2016 are quickly coming to an end, there are now speculations insisting that it’s just about time for Google to finally introduce its Android-Chrome OS hybrid. Google is holding an Oct. 4 event where it is expected to unveil its Pixel smartphones, the new Chromecast Ultra, Google Home and Google Wifi. Many are hoping that the big event would also serve as the venue for the introduction of its big project.

Android Police believes that there is a big chance that Google will be teasing Andromeda during its Oct. 4 event, especially since Senior VP of Android, google Play and Chrome Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted a cryptic message that could pass as a major clue on the changes to the Android OS that will take place once Andromeda comes to fruition.

Even though Lockheimer did not elaborately state that Android and Chrome OS are merging, he did tease that there is a big chance they’ll be talking about the origins of Android during the Oct. 4 event. For sure, the people at Google will not be looking back at the past of Android OS, if they are not presenting what could be the future of the mobile operating system.

According to Ubergizmo, it should not come as a surprise if Google is announcing Andromeda early next month because the tech giant has already confirmed early this year that Android apps are arriving on Chrome OS soon. However, the consumer electronics site states that the changes that this merger would bring are likely to alter Chrome OS instead of Android.

The idea that Chrome OS is going to be folded into Android isn’t something new at all. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that Google was planning to do so in order for Android to run on a wider range of hardware and making the hybrid OS the primary program running laptops and similar devices.

The Wall Street Journal also stated that Google Andromeda is not ready to roll out until 2017, but it is very likely for the company to “show off an early version next year [2016].” With this in mind, it seems Google is indeed making a big announcement about the hybrid OS when it pulls the wraps off of its newest hardware offerings.