Elon Musk, who will potentially own Twitter itself and is one of its most prolific online personalities, just broke the 100 million followers mark this week. With that, he has entered the top tier of social media stardom, eclipsed only by a handful of celebrities and former President Barack Obama.

But there’s been only one voice missing at this momentous occasion and that is Musk’s own.

In the decade since he’s joined Twitter, Musk has tweeted over 18,000 times on any number of topics, garnering fame and infamy in equal measure along the way. Yet crossing the 100 million follower threshold did not elicit any comments from a mogul who has not made a reputation out of staying mum. Indeed, the last time Musk tweeted was on June 21 when he posted an image of a 7-Eleven gas station’s price board.

It is unclear what the reasons may be as to why Musk has been quiet for over a week. According to Axios, Musk tweeted an average of 145 times over the five weeks leading up to June 16, or about 21 times a day. That day coincided with reports of an open letter by employees at his company SpaceX, who lamented that Musk's tweeting served as "a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment."

“Elon’s behavior in the public sphere is a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment for us, particularly in recent weeks,” read the letter. Their complaints against their CEO followed reports that Musk sexually harassed a flight attendant years earlier, allegations he denied and responded to with memes and jokes about his genitalia.

A day after their letter was publicized, it was reported that the SpaceX employees behind it were fired by the company.

Musk’s silence also comes amidst his continued bid to buy out Twitter, a process that was stalled until recently over Musk’s demands to fully access the firm’s user data as part of his goal of rooting out spam accounts. Twitter relented and handed over the data after legal pressure from Musk’s lawyers.