​The National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday warned of the "socialist wave" in America and its lobbyist Chris Cox promised a "rude awakening" for the socialists trying to mainstream their politics.

Cox's speech hit so hard on the left flank of the Dems that two of America's most well-known socialist faces fired back. But first here's what Cox said at the NRA annual meeting, as reported by the Media Matters website:

"The socialist wave we warned was coming is here. And it’s not just the two coasts that are under water, the wave is hitting the heartland of America. But as this circus goes on, millions of Americans will see how far outside the mainstream these socialists have become. Friends, do you think Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are mainstream in the United States of America? Are they in for a rude awakening in November of next year when the real America goes to the polls?"

National Rifle Association
Gun rights demonstrators (left), including one armed with a rifle, walk past a woman (center) praying at a sign memorializing the children and teachers killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012, as protesters aligned with the Women's March hold a rally against the National Rifle Association at NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, July 14, 2017. Reuters

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman Democrat from New York, responded to Cox on Twitter soon after:

"Civics lesson for the NRA: As much as they may not like it, the Bronx and Queens are part of “the real America,” too. Wild that the NRA is suggesting the voters of NY-14 aren’t “real Americans” bc they don’t think assault weapons in school classrooms is a good idea."

And Ilhan Omar joined in too:
"Can 'the real America' please stand up... This Ain't It, Chief! "

Omar was recently in the news after an old tweet of hers on the Battle of Mogadishu resurfaced. She had said that "thousands" of Somalis were killed by American forces in the battle that later became the subject of the Hollywood film 'Black Hawk Down.' While the Somalian death toll of that battle is still under dispute, no one has ever said it was anywhere near the thousands that Omar mentioned. Also, she chose to leave out the fact that the U.S. troops were part of an UN operation against a Somali warlord who had been targeting her own tribe.

AOC's tweet got reactions from both sides of the fence. Here are a few samples:

As this debate rages on, there's something that Cox said that probably touched a raw nerve with the two U.S. Representatives. Because his words probably capture the forces shaping the Democratic field for the 2020 nomination.

“It used to be that everybody knew that campaigning as a gun-banning socialist was a surefire way to ship your own sink, I mean sink your own ship before it left harbor,” he said.

“But this year, if you aren’t willing to openly attack the Second Amendment, if you don’t angrily call for every gun ban scheme imaginable including complete disarmament, you will be booed off the Democrat debate stage.”